BC Hydro is in the process of implementing their LED Streetlight change-out program and have made system enhancements to the repair request procedures in Spences-Bridge. This update information is contained in the following e-mails:

1) From: "Street Lighting" <StreetLighting@bchydro.com>
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2021 8:39:23 AM
Subject: BC Hydro SLIM Application Update

Good morning SLIM User,

Please be advised that a number of SLIM (BC Hydro’s Street Light Information Management) system enhancements were implemented into the system last night, as summarized below:

  • Adding the ability for Rate 1703 customers to self-report changes to existing street lighting that do not require alterations to a service connection. (WR 234019)
  • When submitting a street light repair request, customers can now have up to 3 different emails receive all related SLIM email notifications on that individual repair request. (WR 231627)
  • Enabling automatic street light repair email notifications for all Rate 1701 customers (WR 231630):
    • Customers can now request all repair related notifications (i.e. “You have Successfully Submitted a Repair Request” and “Your Repair Request is Now Complete”) be automatically sent to up to 3 different email addresses.
    • Customers can now receive an optional daily report of all submitted street light repairs within their community boundaries. Each customer can request up to 3 email addresses to be set up for this report
    • If you are interested in signing up for these automatic notifications, please contact us through email or call us at 1 866 266 6366.
  • As part of BC Hydro’s ongoing Street Light Replacement Project (converting all overhead street lights to LEDs), there will be a notification message within the Repair Request Page that informs customers that all existing High Pressure Sodium lights will be repaired with LEDs. (WR 1000888)
Thank you,
BC Hydro SLIM System

2) From: LightingSupport <LightingSupport@bchydro.com>
Date: March 5, 2021 at 1:46:24 PM PST
To: "michaelomission@shaw.ca" <michaelomission@shaw.ca>
Cc: LightingSupport <LightingSupport@bchydro.com>
Subject: FW: Default Selection needed for BC Hydro Street Lights - Spences Bridge Improvement District

Hello Michael,

Thank you for taking my call.
To confirm, we will use 3000K LEDs for the spot repairs we need to the for the District.
I will be sending you the Detailed Selection files later next week, at which time you will be able to select the specific light request for each individual light within the District.
Finally, I have noted within our system the two lights along Steelhead Place that lights are currently off at the request of the District.  I would advise on making a determination to on having these lights permanently removed, as the District is paying for them at this time.
Will be in touch with regards to the next steps in our Replacement Project.
Greg W.
Greg P Webster | Business Account Representative, Customer Metering
BC Hydro
333 Dunsmuir St, 1st floor
Vancouver, BC  V6B 5R3
P     1-833-828-2224
E      Greg.Webster@bchydro.com

3) From: StreetLighting@bchydro.com
Date: February 25, 2021 at 10:49:55 PM PST
To: michaelomission@shaw.ca
Subject: BC Hydro SLIM PRD - Street Light Job(s) Created - To Be Completed within 10 days

We have received your request for one or more street light repair(s) and expect to complete your request within ten business days.

A summary of your request(s) is shown below:

Date Submitted : 2021-Feb-25

Request Details:

Request #
Maintenance Task
Customer Self Tracking No.
Pole ID 0612338

Pole ID 2281179

Pole ID 0612030

Log in to SLIM (
https://app.bchydro.com/ex/streetlight ) to view the status of your request(s). You can also contact us at StreetLighting@bchydro.com
We're available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Thank you.